Stas listens attentively, does it efficiently and on time. The arms grow straight from the shoulders, and the eye is a diamond. We have been cooperating for, it seems, the second year, and I am pleased to see how he is constantly growing both professionally and as a person. I recommend Stas Dovidenko to many as a presentation designer, and in return for such a recommendation I ALWAYS receive gratitude. And why? And because he works for the result!

Gleb Shulishov
Presentation Director

First Russian Float Center "Embryo"

Stas surprised me with a high level of professionalism, efficiency and attention to the details of the customer's request. Even in emergency mode (in 7 hours) he created a presentation that was more than just satisfying. She is beautiful. I recommend Stas with all my hands. Respect and gratitude.

Gareev Nail
Founder and Project Manager

KPMG Foundation

I really enjoyed working with Stas. Firstly, he is technically very professional and creatively creative, and most importantly, he immersed himself deeply in our topic of charity, offered his vision and willingly shared unknown tools. Moreover, everything was done in a short time. I would gladly recommend everyone to work with him.

— KPMG Charitable Foundation Annual Report

Julia Bogdanova


Stanislav did a great job on creating a corporate identity for our laboratory, he heard our wishes 100% and brought them to life as we imagined it, we will continue to work and recommend to colleagues

— Буклет компании Мастердент



For the first time I was puzzled by the question of developing a logo for my favorite business when I read Stas's proposal in the chat. I decided it was a "sign" and took advantage of his suggestion. Stas responded very quickly and promptly developed various options. It remains for me to choose the one that I liked the most. Simply and easily. In my opinion, this speaks of Stas's high professionalism as a designer. Now I know exactly whom I will recommend as a master of my craft. Recommend.

— Business logotype


The A'Design Award and Competition

— Letter of thanks_from a Design Award

Rene Fournier
Chief Creative Officer

Legal service "Your personal lawyer"

In 2015, he was doing renovations in his office. To paint the walls and create a composition by hand, I invited Stas, on the recommendation of friends. After the meeting, Stas offered several options for drawing on the wall, in the form of a 3D project, which made it easier to choose. Stas did the work on his own, at the appointed time and at the agreed time, since it was convenient for me on weekends when the office was not working. After partial work, everything was tidied up, which is important, I am ready to recommend with full confidence and responsibility.



We set the task to develop a corporate identity for a new trade mark for the fuel flow meter. It was necessary to take into account that the product would be presented on the international market. It was also important to show that the company has ambitious plans for the future. It was important to meet the budget and submit the work on time. The designer managed to translate all our thoughts in time exactly as we wanted. Now we have a vision for the development of our company and an understanding of our place in the market. We are successfully implementing our strategy.

Evgeny Fefelov


The designer's work was a milestone, it took about 2 weeks to create, because the details were mainly coordinated. When we saw the first picture, we were very surprised and delighted. The approach of this designer suited us and his vision as a whole. When we were discussing the project, he immediately wrote and drew everything, then I saw his creative approach to work. There is no such project anywhere else, we are very satisfied and make excellent presentations. Thank you Stas!

Ivan Netaliev

Ringo Diamonds / Obruchalka.Me

We set a task to make a youthful picture - stylish, bright, beautiful. So that later you can implement it on the wall in the interior and for advertising purposes on banners, taking into account the corporate identity of the company. The wall is located in the interior of the new salon of wedding rings. A kind of party place for young people was created - a bar counter, computers were mounted. Added a drawing area next to it. The artists completed the painting competently and on time. The salon presentation was successful.

Salon of wedding rings "WEDDING"
Department of advertising and promotion of the salon "OBRUCHALKA"

Silver World 2000

— Благодарственное письмо

Lilia Zbarzhevskaya
Head of Advertising and PR Department

Family to children

We turned to designer Stas Dovidenko with a request to draw illustrations for an Internet game, which we conceived as a way to teach children the rules of safe behavior. The deadlines were extremely limited, there was a lot to draw, but the process of work and the final result pleased us. Stas not only drew all the illustrative material for the game, but also took part in its optimization. The most important thing is that the result of our joint work was to the liking of the children - the users of the game - they really fell in love with the Hedgehog with his secrets.

— Review of the game "Hedgehog and his secrets"

Autonomous non-profit organization "Family for Children"

Petrova I.V.
Director of GBU SO "CPPMSP" Lado "

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