Sketch presentation Program of the Year TCC POTY 2015 Istanbul  #stasdodesign @stasdodesign

A top manager of PNC Bank took pictures of her computer screen on a mobile phone shortly before she changed jobs and went to competitors. The bank's security system did not allow simply copying customer data in electronic form. According to PNC Bank, the damage from the actions of the former top manager amounted to $ 250 million. The bank's representatives say at least 15 large clients who have gone to a competitor., design studio Before #stasdodesign @stasdodesign

Only 25.8% of leaks are the result of the work of an external attacker. The remaining 75.2% are: Employees 54% Contractors 4.2% Managers 1.5% System administrators 1.2% Not defined 12.5% ??51, 8% - willful actions (it is not possible to regulate by regulations) * according to InfoWatch,, design studio Before. #Stasdodesign @stasdodesign

Company midterm ambition, Visual design for a 1000-person presentation at a large conference., design studio Before #stasdodesign @stasdodesign

We set the task of making illustrations on the technology we used for assembling ball tanks. We wanted to show where and what is on the construction site during assembly, to reflect sequentially all the steps for clarity so that all participants can be seen. Now we can easily sell our technology to manufacturing giants., design studio Before. #stasdodesign @stasdodesign

Presentation of Ak-Monai positions, Military-Historical Complex, Plan of the 35-hectare complex,, design studio Do. #stasdodesign @stasdodesign